Here you will get access to the exercises and concepts that allowed me to achieve my drumming goals and, become the drummer I am today.  These workouts and exercises will quickly give you the progress you are looking for in regards to: endurance, speed, control, sound, creativity and most of all….how to apply these concepts to help you find your own voice.

Here are the exercise categories: (New lessons will be added under various category every month.)

Balance: Designed to help with the maintenance of balance. Balance effects all types of common issues with drummers including… transitions in and out of parts, meter, feel and consistency.

Balance Basic 1

Balance Basics 1 Alternate

Balance Drum To Drum

Balance Drum To Drum 1

Balance Drum To Drum 2

Weak-side workouts: My favorite exercise to execute…these are designed to make each hand and foot as equal as possible.

Weak Side Movement

Weak Side Movement Pyramid


Weak Side Movement Drum To Drum


Weak Side Movement Drum To Drum 1



Endurance, Speed and Timed runs: These category exercises will push your body to its physical limits and will improve them in a natural, relaxed, time efficient manner.


Meter: loads of playing with a click in these exercises.


Fills:  Here we will talk about everything rolls and fills

Thoughts On Rolls And Fills



How to add sound sources: Creative uses of adding other sound sources to your kit, without spending years on exercises learning to use them.

Multi Pedal Basics


 Adding Another Hi Hat


Adding Foot Sound Sources 1


Getting Your Sound: Develop your own identity at the drums

Technique and Your Sound (NEW)


Achieving Consistent Blast Volume (NEW)


Improving your Feel: Make it groove, no matter what the beat or style.

Letting the Blast Groove (NEW)



Set up: We will explore how to make yourself more comfortable at your drum kit.


These next videos are a selection of my ‘artisan foundry” archives. Have fun…lots of valuable information here.









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