Gear: DW drums and hardware, Meinl cymbals, Remo drumheads,Vater drumsticks, Axis pedals, Shure Microphones.

MHP 033

Drums: DW Collector’s Series Maple: Natural to Regal Burst over Ivory Ebony Exotic 20″ x 16″ Kick Drum (x2), 10″ x 8″ Tom, 12″ x 9″ Tom, 8″ x 7″ Tom, 14″ x 11″ Floor Tom, 16″ x 13″ Floor Tom, 18 x 15 Floor Tom, 10″ x 5″ Snare, 12″ x 5″ Snare, 14″ x 6.5″ Collector’s Bronze Snare (knurled finish).

Cymbals: Meinl 8″ Soundcaster Custom Splash, 10″ Soundcaster Custom Splash, 20″ Mb20 Rock China, 13″ Byzance Brilliant Serpents Hats, 14 Byzance Brilliant Serpents Hats” 16 Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash, 17″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash, 12″ Generation X Filter China, 10″ Generation X Filter China (on Top of 12), 18″ Mb20 Rock China, 21″ Byzance Brilliant Serpents Ride, 18″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash, 10″ Byzance Brilliant Hi-hats.

Drumheads: Remo Ambassador X (Tops), Clear Ambassadors (Bottoms) P3 clear on Kick Batter, Black Ambassador (Front).

Drumsticks: Vater Derek Roddy Signature: Derek’s model is in between a 5A and 5B in the grip. The stick features a really quick taper to a small acorn tip for warm, but defined cymbal tones. A great stick for a variety of musical applications.

Pedals: Axis A21 Derek Roddy Signature pedals, E-kit Triggers, Danmar felt Beaters.

Microphones: Shure SM98, B52, SM81, KSM32, SM57, SM58.

Guitars: Jackson Warrior, Soloist, Rhoads