Hello and Welcome to DerekRoddysLessons.com



This site is a spinoff of my original Artisan Foundry Lessons Forum and is designed to help your drumming in specific areas which I am known for teaching and executing.

Here you will get access to the exercises and concepts that allowed me to achieve my drumming goals and, become the drummer I am today.  These workouts and exercises will quickly give you the progress you are looking for in regards to: endurance, speed, control, sound, creativity and most of all….how to apply these concepts to help you find your own voice.

Each month, there will be lessons added to various categories listed in the lessons section. Some of these exercise categories will include:

Speed runs
How to add sound sources
Weak-side workouts
Timed runs
Set up

All lessons will be $1.99 each.


We also have a Facebook group in which you can post videos of yourself and you will get feedback from myself and the drumming community we create in the group. You will have to send me a request to join the group and I will activate you.

You will have direct access to ask me (or any other member) anything you’d like in regards to drumming. Whether it be about technique, sound or even about business related subjects…I’ll be happy to help you with the most honest, informative and productive answer possible. You will also get special features such as Videos/Audio from my new projects, bonus lessons and periodical giveaways and prize contest.

Directly ask me to film an exercise for you based on your playing needs and post your projects in your own created section so the community can see your progress. We ALL learn together!!!

We have an online store in which you can purchase all of my signature products, DVD’s, Book’s, audio recordings and swag and also, a Serpents Rise page in which you can buy both Serpents Rise recordings.


So please make yourself at home and, I hope that we can help achieve your drumming goals together.


Derek Roddy